explotion textures (not a noob Q)

how do u get images like this http://www.savefile.com/files/169885 to play on a plane in real time

press F to go into UV map mode… open a UV window…then in the UV window goto image>openfile …


and be sure to pack the image so that u dont half to put it in the exe.

i dont think u got what i meant i need to make that texture play like a movie ive seen things in other games like it did u even look at the texture the Q ur ansering is so simple and i new the answer to it already, i want to do somthing like this http://www.savefile.com/files/170012 its not mine and i dont know how they did it

SHIFT+F10 UV/Image Editor then over that window press n and you will see the tile animation settings.

For more control over the animation you can use “TileTex 5in1” from DocHoliday:
(click the little triangle for download)

I hope it helps

and what do i do after that

If your using blender materials use the 5 in 1, because the flipping one in the game engine only works if blender materials is turned off. You set it as a billboard or as a halo.

o thanks