Export .3ds

Hey! I made a model on rhinoceros, then exported in .obj. Imported this wavefront in blender, added materials and textures, lights then want to export in .3ds to make a video on Cinema 4D. When I try to export a .3ds from blender, this error pops up:

what to do?

Otherwise, which extension can I use to import a blender file on Cinema 4D?

Thanks in advance.


Why use such a rubbish file fomat as .3ds.
Why not .obj or .fbx ?
Or import the original .obj into C4D and add the materiala/textures there so you are, guaranteed to have no material incompatibilies when exporting/importing

as above
do not use 3ds

it was good’ish back in 1990 . it was replaced with a newer version in 96

Exported in both .obj and .fbx, will try to finish this work, thank you.

I am curious about this topic, why are you saying that 3ds is such an old platform? It is an autodesk product, still valid even if paired against maya, in my opinion. Feel free to insult me about this :smiley:

Thanks again guys

The criticism was not about 3DS Max (the software), but .3ds (the file format).

.3ds is an ancient file type and was afaik only used by the old Autodesk 3D Studio for DOS(!!!). Because of its age it has actually more shortcomings than features, e. g. …

  • triangles only (no quads!)
  • number of vertices and polygons per mesh is limited to 65536
  • only DOS 8.3 file names for textures allowed

…and so on and so forth. Unless you absolutely have to use it, anything is a superior alternative to .3ds.