Export a human rigged model with Joint constraints to Unity for Inverse kinematics ?

I understood it is possible to export a 3D human model designed and rigged in blender to Unity3D.
I want to do Inverse kinematics in Unity3D for this imported 3D model.
Is it possible to EXPORT the 3D rigged model with JOINT CONSTRAINTS from Blender to Unity ? this is to avoid writing scripts for joint constraints in Unity.

The following Unity forum thread questions “how to implement c# script for joint constraints for the imported 3D model ?”

I’m thinking is there a way to avoid this scripting ?

Unity only appears to support IK in its pro version. http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/Manual/InverseKinematics.html I’m guessing you’re using the free version.

I’m using pro version. It has IK support. But the Constraints are not that much sophisticated. For example, If a joint swing lower limit is -30 deg, the upper limit is reflection of it, i.e., 30 deg.
I need more flexible constraints (different lower and upper limits), this seems to be not possible in Unity, So I want to export the 3D rigged model with Constraints from Blender, because Blender seems to have more flexible constraints.

Unity has its own rigging system with its own constraints. You can export stuff from Blender, but you can’t export the whole program itself into Unity. If you want to work in Unity, you’ll have to work with however Unity behaves.