Export a mesh? Save a mesh? Move a mesh from one project to another?

This question is a two parter.

  1. How do you move a single mesh from one project to another?

  2. How do you export a single mesh as a file?

1 - Shift+F1 and append the mesh from the original blend to the current open blend file.

2 - Export menu and use the Selection option in the export settings (if available) for the exported format
or delete all other objects and save blend
or use Export Selected addon http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Import-Export/Export_Selected

  1. File - Append or Link from existing .blend file some object.
  2. e.g. check “Selection Only” on T-tab while export .obj format.
  1. Easy way in a long run -> Copy/paste.
    First install copy/paste addon, then open two Blenders and copy mesh from source file and paste to another Blender.
    Or u can do it with one Blender, open source file and copy mesh then open destination file and paste.

This comes built into 2.66 as far as I know. No extra installation needed.

U are rite about that. That copy/paste addon changed key configuration so eg. Ctrl+C didnt work like default key settings should.

I’m trying this on a fluid simulated mesh. I wanted it to be shaped perfectly for the container I’m trying to put it in so I simulated it and I was trying to then take it, in its simulated form, and use it on frame 1 of the animation