Export Affinity Photo images that come from filmic OCIO

Hi, recently i switched to Affinity Photo. Here, i use the Blender filmic OCIO. But after editing an image that comes from blender (as exr), the export from Affinity look different to what it looks like in AP. I followed this thread

But the advise there is to not use fimic OCIO. This not a profesional response.

My workflow is so far:

  1. render in blender with filmic color management
  2. export result as exr, uncheck “save as render” option
  3. import into AP, there use OCIO adjustment layer. Input linear, output filmic rgb
  4. edit the image
  5. exort as jpg for web --> fail! exported image looks different on disk than in AP.

i also tried as step 3) 32-bit preview, OCIO Display transform, filmic and sRBG. But step 5 fails anyway.
i also tried step 2) with checked “save as render” option. But in 5) again a fail.

Is there a way / Workflow Blender to Affinity Photo without destroying the filmic pipeline? If not, AP is not superior to gimp.

Any help is apreciated.


Using this method worked for me.

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Hi flimabothelo,
thank you for that quick response. Your suggestion works as expected.

Thank you!

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