Export Ambient Occl. and Normalmaps?


is there any way to access the ambient occlusion values/vectors for export? I want to use that information in a realtime implementation based on preprocessed amb. occl values (see GPU Gems/NV “Yeah! the Movie” demo).

Same thing for normals, how could one export (unwrapped) normalmaps from highpoly models?

Thank you very much.


Huh. I have no idea. You might try emailing one of the developers or something, or just pouring over the code/manual.

you can’t export the ambient occlusion result

[it is per pixel and is calculated at rendertime]

however, it is possible to export a normal map, if somewhat difficult in blender

you would use a tool like [url=http://www.soclab.bth.se/practices/orb.html]ORB[/orb] to generate a normal map for a low poly mesh [using the low poly mesh’s uv coords] from a high poly mesh

it should also be able to render a texture from a high poly mesh, and probably the vertex colors as well

[I have been trying to export a high poly object to ase for the last 18 hours to play with that… perhaps I should just try another format or exporter]

Thanks alot for the answers. I actually had a look at ORB before posting, i thought perhaps its possible within blender. But ORB should do well.

So one would need a programmable raytracer to build the occlusion vectors/values per vertex? (In the GPU Gems article they used mental ray)