Export animation to glTF

Hi everyone!

I made and animation for an AI art piece we will be showing soon.
The basic idea is that my animation will launch in AR (in the browser), and therefore it needs to be exported in gltf.

I just can’t get the shading OR animation with me, when i export (using blender 2.80 gltf-exporter. )

Does anyone have experience with this? I’m open to all help!


Hi Karoline,
Try enabling “Always Sample Animations” in the glTF export settings.


Could you clarify this a bit more? Do you mean you can’t see materials at all? Screenshots could be useful.

Here are docs for the glTF exporter: https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/dev/addons/io_gltf2.html

For best results, use Principled BSDF materials.

On animation:

glTF allows multiple animations per file, with animations targeted to particular objects at time of export. To ensure that an animation is included, either (a) make it the active Action on the object, (b) create a single-strip NLA track, or (c) stash the action.


Only certain types of animation are supported:

Keyframe (translation, rotation, scale)
Shape keys
Armatures / skinning

Animation of other properties, like lights or materials, will be ignored.

The exporter is still in development, and there are several known bugs with skinning export right now.