export animation

I am trying to export animation into the VRML or md2 format, but is not working. Is this allowed in Blender?

Hey Christina,

MD2 files don’t use skeletal animation is ‘bake’ the frames before converting to MD2; these steps should get you there.

First convert your model into triangles. While in edit mode hit spacebar -> edit -> faces -> convert to triangles.

second, make sure you have a an skin already prepared for the model, and properly mapped into the model. The conversion script will give warnings about pcx files later, but these can be ignored).

third, go to the window type pull up menu. pull up the Action Editor and now push the bake key. This will create seperate frames for each position you have animated. Save your blend file.

Next pull up the scripts menu bar, go to export, then MD2, and then fallow the instructions: the search button, rename your blend file to something like mymodel.md2, with the frame list button, just put in your .blend file name. It will throw this complaint up, ‘This is not a valid ‘yada, yada’ using default’. Ignore the message (it just adds names to your frames that correspond to the Quake2 game animations). You’ll still get a valid md2 file.

That first sentence of my previous post is a bit mangled. It should read, “MD2 files don’t use skeletal animations, so you have to ‘bake’ the frames in before converting the model to md2.”

Thanks a lot for your help!

I will try to do it… by the moment I am affraid I have problems when adding texture, because when trying to export to md2 a message says that not all the triangles have texture!!.. I’ll try to solve it.

No way… when trying to export to md2 a got a message saying that “model has a face without texture map”, although I put texture in the model, and when rendering in blender, I see the texture

Any idea?

you assigned the image in face select [uv map] mode?

Thanks a lot!!
That was my mistake… now is working!!