Export animations to FBX / glb

Hi, I’ve been using Blender for the past 9 months. I’ve been playing with the new version of Blender and It is awesome, much easier than the previous one, good job!

I am having trouble to export animated objects with multiple actions to glb.

e.g. An object composed by different meshes, each mesh animated with one armature (single bone).

The thing is, these are files made in blender that need to be integrated into unity for AR. But I cannot export animated objected with more than one action to glb nor fbx.

I’ve tried to bake the animation, but when I push down to the NLA track it gives me a separated track and I cannot merge them…

I’ve tried to recreate the animation without bones (just with Keyframes) but i am having the same problem, it gives me separated actions that i can´t export it to glb…

Could you please help me to with the worlkflow to export animated objects in blender to glb?