Export .blend file


how to export or convert .blend file from blender 2.8 to .3ds, .fbx, .obj with textures?
Is it possible at all?


I’m so surprise there is no advice to export .blend file to other files from blender 2.8.
Any help please.

Seems to work fine. Where exactly is the problem?

Whole short story is I had to buy a new graphics card so I thought I’ll put some of my files for sell.

Blender community is growing but as I can see on many web sites, most selling files are .3ds, .fbx, .obj … long gap and then .blend so I was thinking I will have to convert my .blend files but I’m not sure what for example .3ds should contain to be usable for 3ds Max .

I have to say I’m beginner and to create most files I used blender 2.8 where is not even option to export .blend to .3ds and I have no idea if the .3ds should contain textures and how to do it.

Thanks a lot.

3ds is an old and for most cases useless file. It is limited to ( i think 32K vertices ) for example and triangulates everything.
If you want to sell to Max users you have to sell as .max file. You can only create .max files by importing your file ( for example as fbx ) into 3ds Max and saving as .max file.
It is imprtant that you remember the version of 3ds Max as it is impossible to open newer Max files in older version of 3ds Max.

The same should be true for Maya or C4D.

Thanks. I spend long time on google and YouTube trying to find how to export from blender 2.8 to .3ds.
As 3ds max is pretty expensive software is hard to believe this is the only way all blender users use. What about textures? Will they stay with file? Sorry for this questions but as I’ve mentioned I have no much experience.

No, textures do not stay in the file if you export to fbx. That doesn´t matter, though because .max files can not include texture files either.
The fbx file will remember your directories, though, so when you import into 3ds Max it will (usually) find the relevant textures. But only standard textures such as diffuse and specular. You will probably have to reassign things like translucency and other less common textures by hand.

But that is not really that problematic because you will have to rebuild the whole material anyway. 3ds Max - or actually which ever renderer you are going to use - uses completely different materials than Cycles.

So if you want to make your file available for people with 3ds Max and VRay you will have to build special VRay materials.

Pretty bad news. I thought there is a easier way to do it. Everywhere are .3ds, .max … and then .blend files for sale so I thought there is a better way.

Thank you anyway.