export blender file

how to export blender file as obj format with textures and material? does it come with textures and material when export them? thanks.:spin:

File / Export, export as .obj
Using the default export settings will also export the materials (within the limits of the obj format).
For image textures pack into the blend file (File / External data) then unpack to the same location (this will create a textures folder with all the textures used in the blend file). The exported mtl file should then be able point correctly to the image files

woking, but when i import obj back to blender, it comes with duplicate textures and different textures name. thanks!!!:spin:

Do you by chance import the .obj back into the very file you exported it from? Then you will of course get duplicate textures and materials with “.00x” added to the name…

Try importing into a new, fresh scene and report back if the problem persists. Additionally you could upload one of the .objs you exported (with .mtl and texture images) for us to check.