Export Blender mesh to POV-Ray

Hi folks,

I’m looking for a way to export a mesh object I created in Blender to a .pov file to use with POV-Ray.

I noticed, there’s a way to use the beta version of POV-Ray as the external renderer for Blender, but I’d rather be able to export the mesh to POV-Ray and fiddle in POV-Ray with the settings.

Is there any way to export a blender mesh to POV-Ray?

Can POV-Ray work with Wavefront obj’s? That seems to be the universal mesh file for
most 3D apps.

Why are you still using POV-Ray rendering vs e.g. Cycles, Yafaray, Lux, etc?

I’ve seen beautiful things done with it, but it seems relatively difficult to use. When I tried it in the early '90s I had to code everything.

Just wondering…whatever is fun and or works for you. :smiley:

10min later…

just loaded POV-Ray to see if it had changed…nope…at least not on the surface.
Still for those who love to code.

BTW, I don’t see an import/export or any way to load an obj.
Hopefully someone here will know or maybe at the POV-Ray forum.

Good luck and happy POV-Ray’ing! :smiley:

Why are you still using POV-Ray rendering vs e.g. Cycles, Yafaray, Lux, etc?

That’s why. Beautiful art.

My question now is, “Why not?”

Mostly because you could create the same beautiful art in 1/10th of the time in an artist friendly environment.

Have you tried using Moray? It is a program that gives POV ray a GUI.

Moray link http://www.stmuc.com/moray/

re: Moray…I thought it was just for modeling, but it also has a material editor.

I’ll give it a try…never pass up free software. :wink:

BTW, also recommend TopMod and Mandelbulb & Mandelbulber. :slight_smile: