Export Camera and Target data to excel or CSV

Hi there Blender Peeps!

does anyone know if there is a plugin or script for the following.

For each camera export into a CSV or excel sheet

  1. Camera Name
  2. camera Lens value (eg: 35mm / 50mm / 100mm etc)
  3. distance from target
  4. height of camera
  5. target “name”
  6. if animated: eg if the camera is moving or on a motion path, then record distance and height at intervals

or anything like this?

also interested in chatting with anyone who might have the skills to build it as an Add On, adding some addition features and controls.

That’s pretty esoteric, I’m not aware of any existing script or addon that will do that. Should be pretty trivial to write though, aside from a handful of blender-specific API calls it would be almost entirely python 101 stuff.

If you’re interested in writing it yourself, feel free to ask questions here- if you’re looking for contractors to do this work, you might try the jobs (paid/volunteer) forum.

Thanks for your feedback - cheers!