Export cloth Simulation/Animation to .fbx file

i have a cloth simulation on a model. I would like to export the Animation to an .fbx file. Is it possible?
In the following link you can see the animaiton in blender:

When i try to export the animation in a .fbx file. I only get the animated model without cloth simulation.
How can export the Animation with the cloth Simulation like in the Video?

Moved your post to support animation .you ll have better chance to be helped here.

Try exporting as an Alembic file instead of an fbx.

Thank you. But i need it as an fbx file.

I do not think that FBX can hold point caches.

ok. My model is moving. so can i not just put the same motions on the cloths?

You need to give up on the cloth simulation and use additional bones to animate the cloth if you wnt to be able to export as fbx.

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I believe FBX does support point caches but Blender’s FBX workflow does not. What are you importing the FBX into? If it’s a game engine, you want to utilize the cloth physics of the engine. If it’s another DCC, you are better off using alembic.

ok thank you very much. I tried to import it in UE4.

You want to try NvCloth inside of UE4.

You could save it out as blendshapes. It’s a bit of work but you could turn the baked animation into a bunch of keyed blendshapes and export that as a fbx.

You’ll have to save it as a .mdd import it with a mesh cache modifier again then export it (disable NLA if it’s for Unity) again as a .fbx. It’s been a while, hopefully I’m not forgetting a step.

i already tried this. but ue4 had some problems to import that. i will try it again and let you know.

What kind of problem?

Did you check with nla enabled/disabled in Unreal import and Blender export etc? It’s been so long since I worked with Unreal, I don’t quite remember the details.

yeah. i have to try it. but the only real solution is to save it as blendshapes.