Export Collada doesn't Export the texture file in a specific case

Hello everybody,

I want to export a specific file (As a new member I’m not allowed to post links. But you can find it by using the following in google: “blendswap mini supermarket”. It’s on blendswap.com).

Whe I export supermarket there are no textures exported. Therefore after importing everything is just grey.

When I generate a cube, add texture and export it, it will export the texturefile as desired and after importing I can see the proper texturing.

Do you have an idea to get along with that?

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If the textures are packed in the blend file, try unpacking them, save your file ans then try exporting
Look in the File / External Data menu to pack and unpack files

No, the textures are seperate from the .blend file.

OK I tested a little bit more. I think there is something wroing with the model I downloadad. It would be very helpful, if someone with more knowledge about exporting to Collada could have a look. I solved it on this way:

  1. open the Supermarketmodel.
  2. Export as Collada. The names of the textures and materials are still in the properties, but the links seam to be broken (e.g. no preview).
  3. Apply all textures and materials manually.
  4. Export as Collada in a new file.
  5. Opening the new file. This file has all the textures and materials.

Hello, ChrisMa

I had a similar problem once recently. The problem was in my texture file name: no space in your file name otherwise the links are broken when exporting as collada.
Hope this help