Export Dirext X 8 All Scenes Error

I tried to export all scenes to direct x 8 , but I kept on getting python error. Anyone know what’s wrong??

Caopy and paste the error. and state your blender version.

line 856 in my_callback
line 76 in selectObjs
line 163 in writeRootBone
AttribtireERror: ‘Armature’ object has no attribute 'getBones

I’m using 2.40 ver

It doesnt works with the 240, only with 237.
The version for 240 is still beta.If you wanna try:
There’s a blend file with the exporter,textures etc…
Let me know!!


Ben…where can i get the 2.37 version? The link above doesn’t work.


I don’t see the blender 2.37 version in the above link.

-It’s for 237 too!!!

I know the exporter is 2.37 version, but I need the whole blender installation file 2.37. I went to the blender site and they only offer the 2.4 version download.

Maybe look on blender3d site under Download::Blender::Older Versions maybe.

Ben, i guess you’ve taken this version down. Do you maybe have another beta we could try?