Export DXF to Corel Draw

Hi all,

I’m trying to export to DXF format from Blender to a 2d CAD package with the intention of being able to supply a PDF drawing. So to test out if this will work I created a simple piece of geometry to represent one of their machines, I then exported this to DXF format using the available Addon, I then imported this DXF file into Corel Draw and it came out looking like this:

Not a bad start. Now I know that this addon is in it’s infancy but is it possible to get the colour into this file so that it will display as a solid image and be useable?

Cheers for any replies


Much better to render inside Blender all colours you want and then convert images(s) to pdf format. Net is full of free online image to pdf converters.

That’s all well and good, and it might be worth it using Freestyle, but I want a vector PDF so that I can blow it up nice and large and print it out on large format.

I’m looking into exporting to Sketchup and then going from there.

Export to .svg, open with Inkscape and save .pdf.

Blender does not Export to SVG

It does with svg export addon, I have done it many times :slight_smile:

Well I searched the SVG addon and it’s not in there by default, is it a download? Also I doubt that SVG will export 3d data, I thought it worked only with 2d curves.

Decided to go the route of exporting to Collada (DAE) format then import to Sketchup which allows me to export to 2d DXF EPS PDF etc