Export Error Message

Howdy all. I’m relatively new to Blender and have come across a problem I don’t know exactly how to solve. When I render a model I have made I see the entire model in the display. However, when I export to a 3DS file, part of the model doesn’t show up when I import the model into HitFilm2 Ultimate. All other models I have made do work in that program. After exporting from Blender I get a message in Blender that reads: Object %r can’t be written into a 3DS file. Does anyone know what’s going on here and how I can correct it (if possible). Thank you!

Well I figured out the problem- stupid me not paying attention. But if anyone knows what the error message means and can explain it to me, I would appreciate it.

“Object %r can’t be written into a 3DS file”

Do you remember what solved it? i’m getting the same error now


I’m also getting this completely unhelpful message when trying to export a pure geometry object. The object has nothing “exotic” on it (no modifiers, no constraints, no armatures…), just geometry, a few materials and a UV set.

Ok, it seems this error happens when your object has “too much geometry”. It seems that 3ds format has some prehistoric limitations on “chunk size”, as can be read from the exporter source:

# ensure the mesh has no over sized arrays
        # skip ones that do!, otherwise we cant write since the array size wont
        # fit into USHORT.
        if object_chunk.validate():
            operator.report({'WARNING'}, "Object %r can't be written into a 3DS file")

When exporting disable subsurf or cut your mesh into several objects.