export fbx not there

It looks like it is installed and ready in user preference, top image, but its not there under import options in the drop down.
Thank you

Your post is confusing, Export in the subject, Import in the post. Which do you want?

Anyway, there is no .fbx import option.
Export .fbx once activated is under the Export menu.


Oh what happened to the image I know I uploaded it !

Here it is. Anyway it says import export. I know I uploaded this image this morning ? Hope this helps.
Its the import I was looking for, export works fine.

if you read the description of the add-on, it says export only. The ‘import-export’ you’re reading is merely the category

It says export in categories and also on the right (I would assume the description) if there is another description somewhere I’m not going to look for it. Its enough to know its not there.
Thanks for the help