Export fbx problem

Can someone help me?
This is a setup for materials; (1 Base color), (2 AO), (3 Metallic), (4Roughness), (5OpenGl map)
Do export and when I import this setup material is not the same
And I need to stay the same. How do I solve this? Thank you in advance for your help.

Import and export to what program Or are you just exporting and re-importing the same FBX
The only difference I see is import drops the AO ( which doesn’t work like this in Blender BTW)
and switches the placing of the Metallic and roughness.

When import goes back to Blender, all the texture isn’t the same as I set it up. Everything is full of shine and no AO texture. I need to submit a test to the CG trader Wildcat, that’s why I have to export the set texture.