Export from Blender to 3DS MAX: HELP!

Alright, I’ve exported to 3DS MAX before, with out any problems or headaches.
But i can’t get this file to import into MAX for some reason.

I’ve gone through all the steps twice now, just trying to see what I might have missed.
I highlighted all the objects I wanted to export, I then exported them as a .3ds file, and then tried to import the object into MAX. But MAX keeps telling me that it’s an improper file format.

I’m at a loss. I’ll attach both the original .blend file and the exported .3ds file.

All help will be fully appreciated!
Thank you so much, in advance.

[EDIT] So apparently I can’t attach the .3ds file.


ballroom.blend (461 KB)

eported to 3ds as well, tried to open with max2011. -> improper file format. Odd.

tried via .obj, 3ds import obj preset:blender

Error: material NULL not found and the mesh is a catastrophe.

You might want to apply all modifiers before export, remove all doubles, recalculate the normals and apply scale, rotation and position of the objects.

Okay, I just did all that. Fixed what I could. I had a multi-user error of some sort, but I got that fixed. Tried exporting it again, same problem.
This is frustrating. And I need to get my model into 3DS so I can give it to peers who need to use it.

Thanks for helping, arexma.

I suggest you tried with less objects.
Or even start a new file and append your objects/datablocks one by one so that you can spot which one is faulty.
I don’t own MAx, so I can’t do it for you…

I gave it a quick try.

object > make single user > Objects+Data+Materials+Tex
Apply all modifiers
w>remove doubles
without edges, with normals, don´t triangulate

loads fine in max.

Your normals are off, if you don´t merge it in one object and recalculate (you can also recalculate the normals for all objects seperately, but thats not my work to do) max throws an error in the normal list.
There´s also a problem with a NULL material - again, not my work to clean that up.

The whole model is quite a mess to be blunt. Next time you should turn on normal display and turn off doublesided and apply materials after the modelling, then you shouldn´t get that problems.