Export from Matlab to Blender -load files in Blender to in matlab determined position

Hey guys,

I am no native english speaker but I hope I am able to describe my problem properly.

Short information:
I want to determine positions for plants on a mesh plane in Matlab and load the files from the plants at these positions when I have imported the scene in Blender.

Long information:
I have to create the map/scene in Matlab in a way, that I only have to load it in blender including plants, rocks, maybe fishes. I already have the mesh plane generated in Matlab and I am able to export it as a stl-file, also the plants and rocks are given in stl-files. What I now exactly have to do is to determine the positions where the plants/rocks/etc have to be (without loading them in Matlab). This means in Matlab I describe the positions of the plants and when I load the file in Blender they will be loaded automatically at the determined positions and I have the finished scene (textures, materials etc. aren’t important yet).

Is this even possible with Blender and Matlab?

I am able to generate in Matlab the whole scene when I have the plants etc. loaded and to import it into Blender. But what I need is only the position of the plants, the plants should first be loaded in Blender.

I hope I could make it clear enough. Otherwise don’t hesitate to ask me for further informations.

I appreciate any help and comment.

Edit: Tried another solution and now I just build the map in Matlab and I am using a script with python for loading the details at their different positions. But I am stilll interested if there it is possible to do it with Matlab.