Export game to Linux?

How Do I export my game to run on Linux?

Err, you must export that in Linux. Maybe I misunderstood something…

ummm, you cant completely …

the linux BGE lacks sound if I am not mistaken.
Wish somone would add some ALSA to the blender taco, Linux really needs more games :frowning: !
somone was talking about pygame a while ago… not sure if that band aid approach still works or not.

Try crystalspace if you want a cross platform game engine…

I want to export a demo game created in blender and run it on Linux OS. So far, I only tried to export with ‘Runtime’ and run the standalone on windows. However, I’m having problem with blender 2.43 in doing that. Is there any other way in doing that? How do the pro do it?

yes, about pygame, i’ve try to look for a linux release but no results :frowning:

Pros usually code and compile their games/engines theirselves. You have to have a linux on your comp to export a blender game in linux. Haven’t done too much blender ge stuff in linux so don’t know too well about exporting problems in linux though…

So am I right to say that we can’t export blender game to run on it own with out blender software or been able to export the game to ‘run time’? How about exporting to windows? Can it be done? With out exporting as ‘run time’ as I can’t export it with version 2.43

I know Python got a liberary whish is called Struct. With this liberary you can create Linux standalone blender games. I thougt a while back on Blendernation there was a article about this. Anyways, here I found a link, I did not try it out yet but it looks like it could be really handy for loads of people.

Btw this script makes standalone games from your game for all platforms. :smiley:

I know about this bit the fill does no work. I downloaded the ‘GameExporter242rc3’ and try to unzip it with winzip but it say that the file could not be open.

You always create a runtime on the platform your Blender is running.

you are on MS Windows you get a runtime for window
you are on MAC OS you get a runtime for MAC os
you are on Linux you get a runtime for Linux

The runtime is nothing else then the blenderplayer bound together with the blendfile. You installed the blenderplayer when you installed blender. It is the same platform.

But I don’t know why I’m getting problem when I try to save runtime in blender version 2.43, however the runtime in blender 2.42 seem to work. But I read that there is problem when opening v2.43 in v2.42. So I’m stuck with 2.43.

Does anyone els besides me having this problem with the save runtime?

well I’m running blender on open bsd…saveruntime doesn’t work only thing I can get is cannot overwrite directory…I would love to be able to make blender games for windows, mac, linux and open bsd…so everyone can play, but I don’t think there is a way yet