Export Help

Hello everyone. I just installed Blender today so I’m very new. I have gone through some tutorials covering the basics of Blender and I tried searching for a tutorial on my specific problem to no avail. I’m also a 3ds Max user so this program is a lot different for me.

The Situation:

First of all I’m importing .md3 format using a script. This is a Quake game format model file. When I import and do a quick render I can see that everything looks fine. The texture is pre-mapped if you will and all the coordinates are aligned correctly on the model. Then I right click and choose export then I select .3ds for use in Max. I then import the file in Max and all I get is the model with no texture.

My Question:

How do prepare the model in Blender so it will be exported properly to max with all the textures?

So I can safely assume that no one knows the solution?

Have you tried a different format. Export as an obj and import that into Max. The obj export should include textures.