Export/Import to and from HalfLife MDL?

Is there a script out there, or some sort of article that will help me not have to use Milkshape to model for my Half-Life movies? I really want to use Blender, I’m used to that interface and, well… I’d rather use it. I want to know if I can simply export to a HL .mdl file.

I don’t know if the Neverwinter file format is the same, otherwise I would have tried NeverBlender.

Another thing… if there is such a script/tool… would it export bones as well?

If anyone was thinking of actually writing a script for this, then this would be a starting-point.

It has the source to a utility that “compiles” a MDL file from a text-based SMD file, and also a description of the SMD filespec

Problem seems to be getting data from blender armature system.
SMD format looks pretty simple, and you can even do some simple editing in them using text-editor. Ofcourse cars can look pretty simple too :wink:

I haven’t had time or guts to start working with python, so I might not be best person to give ideas (here comes the but!), but perhaps some of problems could be solved by adding empty-objects on armatures points. The script could then find the locations of the empties, and write that to SMD file. But assigning vertices to these points… dunno about that :slight_smile:

If somebody codes fully working python script that exports to half-life .smd format (both reference and sequence files)… I would gladly pay for it :slight_smile:
Although the format is old, I think it still could be used as the link-format between games and blender.

Are there any news on this one?
I also use blender to model, because it is just more comfortable than any other modelling program.
Still it bugs me that I cannot do much with the things I made, except for rendering them.