Export in MakeHuman

I downloaded latest Makehuman: MakeHuman 1.0.0 alpha2 for Windows 98/2000/XP 32bit
However there is no export function… and in addition to this I compared this version with 0.9 RC and it seems like 0.9 IS far better than 1.0.0. There is an export, poses and so on.
Is it kinda bug or everything is all right? I just don’t understand the meaning of alpha version if it doesn’t even contains base functions…

I’ve just downloaded MakeHuman as well and ran into exactly the same problem. Has anyone had success with this? I tried on both Mac and Windows.


Alpha software is still in early development and won’t have all functionality. Why not use 0.9 RC if it does what you want ?


There’s a hot Key for export in the Alpha version, it saves a .obj file to the Make Human Directory.
You will need to change the name of the file manually after saving to prevent overwriting the next time you save.
Press the E key to Export.

That doesn’t work for me… do you have to be in a certain mode to do that?

You have this link :

Works for me. It creates export.obj, export.bvh, and export.obj.mtl in the MakeHuman root directory.

The mac version of alpha 3 has less in it than the youtube video of alpha 1 had… the export panel is virtually empty, except for a black bar and an OK button, and typing something in it and pressing ok doesn’t create a file anywhere. There are WAY less tabs on the top and bottom.

Look at this screen.


Well, I’m on Windows, but the interface looks just as spartan. As far as I know, though, the export panel is, at this point, not hooked up. You just need to press “e” from the main (home) screen to export the files I mentioned.

However, it doesn’t seem that the alpha 3 export works at all. The console just shows an error. Alpha 2 does work (at least for me).

After I finished my last message I went to the MakeHuman site to see if anyone else was talking about export errors in Alpha 3. I found that 13 minutes before, the devs had uploaded an Alpha 3b: Windows only (when I checked) and only as an installer (no zip). Pressing “e” works in that version, but saves the files with a name of “quick_export” in an “exports” directory in the MakeHuman root dir.