Export Issue .obj

I have an issue relating to the export to .obj format. I am attempting to use blender to create objects which I import into Mojoworld3 by Pandromeda. .obj seems to be the only stable format for import into Mojo, on the Mac. The problem is that the images I use as textures are not being exported with the materials.

Checking shows that the texture is not being referenced in the .mtl file that is being created by the export process.

Can anyone help in telling me how to deal with the problem?


umm, we have a Torq here already…

umm, you can add the refrence yourself [.mtl and .obj files are text based]

# Exported from Wings 3D 0.98.19c
newmtl cube1_auv
Ns 100.000
d 1.00000
illum 2
Kd 1.00000 1.00000 1.00000
Ka 1.00000 1.00000 1.00000
Ks 1.00000 1.00000 1.00000
map_Kd diffuse.tga

notice the last line

it sounds weird that you can’t re-apply the image in the app you are importing into

Thanks, that is just the tip I needed. I can re-apply the image in the other app, but it doesn’t allow as much manipulation as Blender.

Will UV co-ordinates and mapping “stick” when using the Export to obj. format?

Torq (Must be a common name. Hopefully I’ll be distinguishable by the inane questions I keep aking)

Yes UV is exported with OBJ… just do any UV editing you need and export it and just picking the image in another program should work fine.

So just pick the image in the other program and you should be set.

Also, I believe images should stick in the .mtl, are the textures you are using in the same folder as the .blend and .obj export? you might try keeping the textures with the objects and see if that helps at all.

Yes, I am storing the textures in the same folder as the objects. The manual addition to the .mtl file that z3r0 d suggested seems to solve the problem, but I wonder why its not exporting like that.