Export joint animation to simple format (for robotics)

Hello all,

I’d like to know if there exists a plugin or repo somewhere that can export rig/joint animation to a simple format. And hopefully the output format is easily readable by Python without using Blender libraries.

If not, I can write one myself if someone can direct me to a tutorial or walkthrough to step through rig animation and grab values. I can just write it to XML or some other format I suppose. Or if there exists a format people prefer, that too.

Just looking for advice to get started. My intention is to make a very simple skeleton representing an IRL robot I’m making, so I can use Blender to animate the robot, then export that to a simple format such that a low powered computer (Raspberry Pi Zero in this case) can read quickly enough to animate.

I’ve done benchmarks with a pose interpolater I’ve written myself and the Pi Zero seems to have barely enough power to interpolate between poses, but not quite enough to execute many many animation slices without lagging. So I’m happy to also export sequences of poses, instead of full animations.