Export keyframe as if static

Hi all,
What I would love:
Export a single keyframe from an animation without having the animation data = as if static.

So far, when exporting a keyframe (COLLADA format) from a Blender animated file (2.69, animation works fine), objects have the wrong orientation (rotation mainly) in the dae file. This has probably something to do with XYZ Euler system, gimbal lock etc… and sounds very complex to me.
When exporting after “snowflaking” in the NLA-editor (which delete all keyframes) OR when exporting the same scene from a Blender file with no animation --> export is fine.

So is there a way to export a single keyframe with only the 3D view data “as it is”? Choosing “Selected only” in the COLLADA export menu doesn’t do the job.
Thanks for your help.

I wonder what it is that your animating in blender, is it some kind of water emulation ??
maybe try to go to edit mode copy the mesh (select it), then press p based upon selection to remove it from the current object mesh, now its a new object with nothing attached to it i think.

no my files are VERY simple: just an animated cube and an static plane…