Export level to Unreal engine 4


I have built a game level in blender which I’m going to export to unreal engine 4.
In the level I have many objects that are duplicates/instances of one object. Such as building modules, street lamps, power lines etc.

Is there a way to export the level, and on import in to unreal, unreal detects the duplicates and only creates one static mesh for each asset that has been duplicated / instanced?

Thanks for any help.


If you export this to Houdini then in Houdini get it all set up to make instances then use the Houdini Unreal bridge so Houdini was in Unreal this might be possible. Otherwise I think not. On the other side Unreal does handle a single mesh with a ton of geometry really well. Almost better than a ton of instances. To improve it from a single giant mesh that is around the whole player if you can separate it to chunks or modular cube sections that can be placed all around that would allow for the built in view culling to work automagically. The view culling automagically stops rendering outside of the viewing angle of the player.

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Thanks. Yeah, I’m not a Houdini user, it’s too much voodoo for me :slight_smile:

I’m pretty familiar with modelling for Unreal and it’s capabilities, I just thought there might be some way to export all at the same time in a similar way to how Unity imports all objects as a single fbx without too much issue.
Thanks for answering though.

Hopefully someone will come up with a plugin or something that will achieve this.