Export model(save settings)


I ran into a problem when I save a model with a material and then import the model, then the visualization of the material disappears.

How can I save the model so that the material does not change the rendering ?

when i import model I get

any ideas ?

Any export file format which isn’t blender doesn’t have any blender features (especially shaders)… sure you don’t wana to File → Link… or File → Append… ??

I need to load a model with shader properties https://gltf-viewer.donmccurdy.com/, but as you say, this is not possible

IDK gltf very well but in most cases (even fbx?) you have to bake differnet maps and/ or recreate the look in the tarhet app / game engine… So knowlege of that is needed too.

I cannot understand what the link file means in this case?

This was about using object, material or others from another blend file… but you wann export to gltf anyway.

Is there a separate option to export shaders from this model? in glsl

IDK if blender convert it’s own shaders into something like glsl… as meantioned above… convertions can’t do everything… you have to replicate for target… simple setups maybe? Try searching for: blender export glTF ( in this forum and/or the rest of the web).

Thanks for answer :smiley: