Export model with linked objects?

Hi everyone!

A short question, sorry if it has been asked already, you can point me to the existing thread:
Let’s say i made an architectural model with bunch of small repetitive objects like chairs, tables and other furniture linked from outside files. The chairs and tables are distributed throughout the interior. Is there a way to export the whole model together with the linked furniture as a single OBJ or 3DS file?

This is for purpose of communicating with associates that don’t use Blender.

YES! the simplest way would be to join the whole scene (or whatever you want to import) by selecting them all with the main object selected first of course (as an “active object”) them simply press ctrl+J to join… this will turn all of the objects into a single mesh, although depending on what you’re importing into, you will need to be aware that all of the different materials will be separate.
(this can sometimes cause issues when importing into some softwares which use usually only one material per mesh.)

Hmm, thanks for the answer, but i don’t thik you understood me.
When you make a model of a complicated scene in Blender, in order to avoid heavy files, you have an option of linking some model elements from other blend files which appear in your main model, but are not integral part of it. Instead, your main model includes let’s say walls and floors, and chairs and tables are linked to it. When you open the main file it loads the walls and floors and looks into the outside files for the chairs and tables. It displays them all together, but it saves only the position and size of linked furniture.
Now, when you try to export your model to OBJ or 3ds, it exports only the walls and floors, and the linked furniture is left out, except the markers of their positions - so called ‘empties’…

My question is, is there a way to make the linked elements a part of the main model, to ‘bake’ them into the model once the design and manipulation is over…