Export OBJ or FBX with textures/materials

Hello, I’ve been working in a character model this week, and some hours ago I’ve finished it.
My goal is to upload it to mixamo (a web that makes skelleton riging very easy), and then to unity to use it in a Game.

The problem is that no matter how I export it, obj in a zip with mtl and textures nor fbx they appear textureless in mixamo.
Tried to import the model in blender to see if it was a mixamo issue but it’s also textureless.
I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong, it’s a simple model with uv mapped textures of two .png pictures.

If you need it I will post a Zip with the .blend and it’s files, just tell me, I don’t know what to do, tried everything.

Same question here.
No matter how i do it. The object apear textureless in the software… Don’t know if I should name the textures in a specific way?