Export .obj with origin

Hey there community,

so you have a little more information, I am currently working on a project with QML and their module Qt3D 2.0
where I am creating a animated scene of a car where you can open the doors etc.

Now to my problem.

As fair as I know the QML mesh importer only supports the format .obj so I downloaded a car model as .obj and successfully imported it into my 3D scene.
Now I am at the point where i want to animate the doors with Rotation and here starts my problem.
Everytime i set the pivot point of the door in blender and export it as .obj my pivot point resets to (0, 0, 0).
Ive tried making it work with setting a empty mesh as parent and exporting it but no luck.
Only format which exported it right was .fbx.

Is there any possiblity to export a mesh with its pivot into a .obj file or is this format not featuring the pivot/origin point
of a mesh?

Kind regards,


nobody? haaaaaaaaalp