Export Object Soft Body Properties

Hi, Im having my own file format and use my own custom exporter in python, my engine have physic (Bullet), and Im trying to export the same parameter as in Blender in the logic panel.

Now my question is how can I get access to theses properties in python in order to export them to my file format:

1 . Damping
2 . Rotation Damping
3 . Margin
4 . Anisotropic XYZ
5 . Soft Body (it is not in the RBFlags)
6 . All the soft body “Advanced Settings”
7 . Linear Stiffness
8 . Shape Match
9 . Bending Constraint
10. Shape Matching Threshold

  • all the ones in the logic panel that I don’t remember from memory…

I search the docs. of 2.48 up and down, and cannot find any of them… Is it me or its simply not integrated… If not, I really don’t get it, when new options are added I think that it is also necessary to include them inside the Blender Python API and by making them available… Ok Im having my own file format, but theses variables are also useful for format like Collada or FBX…