export OpenGL Cg or cgFX file

I want to export a shader from blender as a OpenGL Cg or CgFX file, what to do ? or even in worst case export a FX (directX)

haven’t found a script or menu option :confused:

but there,… my logical thinking says. Ok I need realtime shaders, it should somehow be available from BGE(game engine)

suggestions or hints anyone?


really noone knows how to export shaders from blender ? or is it maybe impossible ? :confused:

impossible for now…

the glsl shaders that are generated from the material settings could theoretically be extended to dump out a fragment and vertex shader I would imagine…

someone could also just use the python api to get properties and get it to spit out shaders to one of those formats as well… but that’d be a big undertaking ( to make it generic) and the results of these sorts of things are usually massive and in-elegant…