Export OpenGL?

exists some script to export to OpenGL, is possible?


that doesn’t make any sense at all


… but yes, scripts do exist that generate code to draw meshes. you should have tried searching


I’m on writing one. It is already able to export multiple meshes into display lists with the base color of each face, but I’ll not release it until I got at least managed to export rotation, sizing and transformation on object base too, as well as exporting the camera settings. I asked of help on how to export the camera some time ago, but noone answered, so this will take a while, until I may figure it out, since I’ve not that much time for now (much homework for studies). If you are interested in, wahts done until now, please send me a pm with your mail adress, I’ll send you a copy.

Check out the Ac3d exporter. Ac3D is really simple to parse in any programming language. I currently use it as a data format between blender and opengl engine in C++.

Doesn’t support animation though.

I was working on a version here is the link to the current version, it will allow the model to be drawn in OpenGL with averaged normals (for smooth shading), export the material and vertex animation so far: