Export problem

Alright, sorry if this is in the wrong section, not sure exactly where this goes.

So i have made my model in blender, i go to export it to 3ds, but when i go to load it up there the model is deformed/missing some faces.

And yes, i have tried exporting it to different formats.

Hi X-20,

Not much time on my hands at the moment but you could try
remove doubles to remove duplicate vertices in your mesh.

Also look for faces that do not belong.

If that fails post a .blend.

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Hmm, i tried remove doubles, removed 0 vertices.
And from what i saw nothing is out of place.

So here is the .blend file.
l1sword.blend (108 KB)


I exported your model and opened it with one or two other apps. It looked ok except for one missing face…the upper face on one side of the guard. When I looked at your blend file that face was also missing there. After building the face and re-exporting, all looked fine. What are you using to open the 3ds?


Please find attached fixed model, please test and let me know.
Only little things that I could find
1.Two missing faces
2.Four faces where they should not be. (In my opinion)
3.And also normals needed to be recalculated outside. (CTRL-N)
4.Retopo the end of pommel to make all quads.

Otherwise job’s a goodan…

Kidest Regards,



sword.blend (123 KB)

Oooops the image shows two of the four faces that I removed…



I spent time on my answer please update…

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