Export PSK for UDK doesn't work


I wan’t to export my mesh with armature and animation to UDK. When i push export .psk there are no files exported. This is my blender 2.64 file:


Can somebody please help me, because we are working on a big game.

Fbx works better for UDK. It will complain that you are using an old version of fbx, but it will still work.

Yes i know but when i export to FBX it gives me the error “traceback (most recent call)”

well what error does it give you i might be able to help you,

For me, exporting to FBX causes strange errors. No matter how much I scale the mesh in Blender, it’s always super tiny in UDK (about the size of a normal character’s head or less) but the bones (which are the same size as the mesh in Blender) get the right size in UDK, though they’re flipped 90 degrees.

Anyone else getting this problem?