Export? Renderman or POVray.

Ok i know ABSOLUTLEY nothing about python so i need a ready maid script.

I was wondering, is there a GOOD export script for Renderman or POVray around somewhere. One that works with version 2.23 of blender. The ones by Jan don’t work with the newer versions of blender.

Thanx for the help.

Go to the Python forum and do a search for POV-Ray. It should turn up a few results. The one I use works only with Blender 2.23, and you’ll need to download MegaPOV

blenderman: https://blenderartists.org/board/viewtopic.php?t=305&highlight=blenderman

It is very easy to make a version for all Blenders, but animation export will be largely less interesting without Armatures transformations , Waves and RVKs effects.

New version with a small GUI: