Export script - Need to find vertex parent?

I’ve written a script to export Curves to XML, but want to modify it further to allow me to parent curves to vertices and for a more flexible workflow (not having to end a curve when I want to add a child curve. The problem is, I can’t find any property in the API other than makeParentVertex regarding vertex parents? My script loops through each curve and point, writing to XML (at the moment, NOT recursive).
My first question is: Can I find a vertex parent of an object? Now I just get the parent object name. Would this be in the form OBJECT#:CURVE#:POINT# ?
Second question: Can I find a child object when iterating through points? This would be a lot easier I think.

Greatful for any help! :slight_smile:

  1. yes, you can get the vertex parent, see parentType
  • looking now and there is no way to get the vert used for the vertex parent :confused: however you can set the vertex parent.
  1. you cant get the children, only the parent, so you can cache this if you need.

Added to teh todo list for the new api