[Export] Selected objects to multiple FBX files


Simple utility that allows to export all selected objects as separate FBX files. Also centers all objects to world origin.

Export settings can be set in regular FBX exporting menu and saved as a preset. Then the preset can be chosen from addon menu (if it’s not visible, click Refresh button).

There is also an option to export every object to a separate directory (simple directory name formatting is available).

Created for my own needs but somebody might find it useful (i am using it do export 3D tileset that i have in one .blend file). Suggestions and feedback is more than welcome :slight_smile:

Link: https://github.com/nekorushi/Blender-FBX-Batch-Export


I just get an error. What am I doing wrong? I am using blender 2.83. I selected the folder I want to export my objects in so I can’t understand what the problem is.

Did you create FBX export preset? Script requires you to have one created and picked from the list in plugin menu.

Oh wow! It works now! Thankyou so much!! I have been looking for something like this for ages! This is definitely going to speedup my workflow! :smiley: And thanks for the quick reply. Have a good day!

No problem, happy to hear my plugin is useful :slight_smile:

Do you planned to add individual export folder set per object?

Also collections support?

Individual folders shouldn’t be a problem i guess will look into that.

As far as i know, Blender can export multiple collections by default. You need to set “Batch Mode” option in export settings. No need for plugin here.

Check out the original post, i added an update with individual folders per object :slight_smile:

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Hi there. Thank you for your add on. But ı have a problem. I cant apply transform(rotation and scale). I apply transform before exporting but nothing changes. How can ı solve that?

I solve the problem.