Export single x,y,z coordinate of one selected vertex?

I’m no Python programmer so nothing involving code please. All I’m trying to do is export the 3D coordinates of a selected object vertex to go in a spreadsheet. I can cntl+c and cntl+v for each of the x,y,z but would speed up is I could get all three at once.

Using Blender 2.92 in Win7

Many thanks

You sure you don’t want code? Because you can run this in Blender’s text editor and it’s going to create a text block (also in that editor) with comma-separated list of vertex coordinates from your selected object, that you can copy-paste into your spreadsheet:

import bpy

selection = bpy.context.selected_objects

if selection:
    text = bpy.data.texts.get("csv-export", None)
    if not text:
        text = bpy.data.texts.new("csv-export")

    mesh = selection[0].data

    text.write("\n".join("%f,%f,%f" % (v.co[0], v.co[1], v.co[2]) for v in mesh.vertices))
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Many thanks Stan. I’ll give it a go. You never know it may be the gentle beginning of a new venture for me in Blender.

I’m a total newbie to Blender but worked until retirement with both Max and C4D. Blender’s an amazing programme now although when I last checked it out about fifteen years ago or so I found the interface very confusing.

While I’ve got you can I ask advice about another problem I’ve encountered in a recent Blender project?

I have an animated collection in one blend file that I need to append to a second. When I import/append it all comes in but the object looses its y & z rotation animation. X animates perfectly and the y z key frames are on the timeline, just not active.

Any ideas. Or perhaps this isn’t the right forum? Cheers

Solved it! It had lost its parent link on the append.