export soft body animations , how to ?

I was wondering if it possible to export lattice deformed meshes animations and soft body in any format I can import in opengl ( importer available )…


there’s a script FixFromEverything from JMS that should help you doing this, but perhaps you will have to run it for each frame and store the result accordingly. According to my memory, it was bundled with Blender, check the default python scripts bundled.


I tested -Apply Deformation- script which I have natively , I guess, in the mesh section of my script window.
Problem is that it create a copy of the mesh , so for 10 frames animatio I have 10 different meshes .
Can I somehow make them a single mesh at different frames of the animation?
I remember in 3dsmax there is a function to do so don’t know if blender does .


i have the same problem. what would be the best way to export soft body animation with a script? can soft body animation be converted to shape keys somehow?

it would be great if the [apply] button of the soft body modifier did that conversion to shape keys.