Export Support add-on


Some times I’m exporting many files to OBJ/FBX. I saw how much time it takes every time. In my brain was born an idea to create script how will help my with exporting objects.

My script is exporting to FBX and OBJ by one click. And have some helpful functions.

Pressing “Simple” button exports all selected objects to one file.
“Scene” exports all of objects to a file with name of each object, f.e. you have 20 cubes on scene you get 20 files with names of cubes
“Selection” is similar to “Scene” but it creates files only from selected objects
“Range layers” create files from layers. Each layer in range you get file in name of layer from 1 to “last layer”
“Active layers” is like “renege layers” but create files from active layers.

I also add presets but it not that same from basic export because FBX and OBJ have functions with that same name.



Thanks, simple but very useful idea.

Here is update to new Blender API


ExportSupport.zip (4.83 KB)