Export textured objects to .x


for a game project I need 3D-models I create with Blender. The loader is written by myself. But now I’m stuck in a nasty problem I got already in the past: How can I set textures in Blender so that they get included in the exported file. In Blender everything looks fine (for example in Render View) but the .x file only contains the materials without any hint that there might be a texture.
I think the error is in the way how I set up the textures, but even after reading every tutorial und howto I found I always fail… :frowning:

Can please anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advance

only UV texturtes can be exported

This might come in handy: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=92364

Using uv-textures doesn’t solve the problem.
This is how I’m texturing meshes:

  • Select a mesh
  • go to the materials tab
  • go to Map Input
  • set to uv
  • activate TexFace in Materials
  • go to Textures tab and load an image from a file

maybe there is something wrong in this steps…


Thank you very much Ben, now it works. This tutorial is very good - I knew, that I uv texturing in Blender is very simple, but I didn’t knew, that it is necessary to set up the coordinations in the UV Editor that export is working, too.