export to .3ds only 22b?!

i tried to export .blend into .3ds,as a result it comes out about 22bytes.why?the .blend is about 184kb!!!
what happened to me?
my platform is UBuntu8.10.I’m using blender 2.46 and 2.48a,the same problem occurs,can you help?What to add???

no body to answer?

I’ve not used this export option so just an idea. Have you selected all the objects before you use the export script.


sam sorry i dont know ubunti or 3ds. try it in a different os like windows or mac and see if it’s a script problem or an unutu problem. or even try it in a different linux os. i have read a bit about linux, and ubuntu seems to be the fastest updating, they dont have the delays debian has, as a trade off for the speed it is less tested and less stable. and 3ds isn’t the best script for blender if i remeber right, can you use obj and get the job done? if you post a .blend i’m on vista, i’ll try to load the blend and try the 3ds expror for you and send you what ever blender spits out.

richard is right…3ds exporter will only export what is selected

3ds on ubuntu ? I didn’t know that a version of 3dsmax was available for linux …

i think he means just the 3ds file format…

Did you try and open the file?

the .blend file format isn’t very “efficient” compared to other binary formats… the lightwave .lwo format for example is very efficient… I have a 141kb .blend and the same thing as a .lwo weighing in at 1.8Kb…

22bytes IS small though… so it probably is an export with nothing selected…

Personally I’d never use the .3ds format as it’s old and crufty… .obj is the “swiss army knife” as most apps support it extremely well!