Export to Cinema 4D

I was wondering if there is a C4D export/import script for Blender?


once in a blue moon, I exchange meshes between blender and c4d. If you export a blender mesh as an .obj file, c4d can open that but, your blender mesh will look super tiny. To fix this, open c4d and under Edit>Preferences>Import/Export, scroll down to Wavefront Import and change the “Scale” value from one to 100 or 10, depending on the scale you use.

Besides .obj (Wavefront) files, you can also try a few others like the light wave or 3ds format… Just compare from each program what they can import/export and then try a few to see which gives you the best results. Sometimes, on complicated meshes, things can get nasty and need a lot of cleaning but then again, if you have a buyer for a model and you need to supply it in a certain format there’s little you can do …

As far as a script which would automate the whole thing, I have not seen one.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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I used c4d for testing fbx exporter, you could try that too

Thanks for the input guys.

I did try and save the file as a .obj but only part of the mesh came in for some reason.

The tip about the “scale” issue is very helpful.

I’ll try saving it as different formats and see if that works.

ideasman42 I’m not familiar with the fbx exporter can you elaborate a little bit more about it.

Thanks again.

I add bone in blender and if I export to .Obj bone and mesh is still ?
any error with bone when export to .obj ?

.obj is a mesh export format, I may be wrong, but iirc it doesn’t export bones, that’s what fbx is for. :slight_smile:

i’d also recommend fbx-exporter. it exports meshes, animation, bones etc to cinema4d without any trouble, at least that’s my experience. just go to file–>export–>autodesk-fbx, set your export-preferences, ready. in c4d, do file–>open–>choose fbx-file. but i couldn’t find any solution for the other way around. of course, importing meshes to blender with obj, dae, 3ds is no problem, but when it comes to animation there seems to be no proper solution, because there seems to be no fbx-importer, and the collada-import doesn’t work too well with animation.
oh, speaking of fbx-importer - @campbell: do you know anything about the fbx-importer? there is a thread about it, but every single link to the script is dead. it would be great to have a working importer that can handle animation, because it would make integrating blender into a pipeline with different apps easier. well, you know that probably. so, any news about fbx-import? :eyebrowlift:

I was trying to export using fbx to lightwave- and all the bones were exported as nulls/empties, so my character stood in his default T-pose, while all the nulls rotated around him…any animation that there was, was lost

that’s down to lightwave’s support of the FBX format being a bit limited…ie it doesn’t just “automagically” work…(haven’t used it in a while, so apologies)

As I remember you have to re target the nulls motion manually to bones or the “puppet” sections deformer (can’t remember the proper name but it uses weights and nulls to animate the mesh)… then Lightwave works a treat.

the good news is that once your mesh is in lightwave and animating properly FBX from that point on will quite easily merge new animations in when you want to update!

FBX import (or better collada) would really open up blender…it’s still a bit painful in a mixed pipeline and the ability to “round trip” the data easier than now would be very welcome!

As far I can tell the FBX pipeline has been abandonded where Blend is concerned. I have seen several releases of Blender and nothing has been done to make FBX work, both inport and export on Blender.

I don’t see anything in the upcomming 2.5 that claims FBX is working either.

Blender will remain an island until this task is completed.

not really. the fbx-export is working very well. it’s the import that lacks. so, speaking with your example, blender’s not really an island, it’s the rather a wall at the end of a dead-end-road with a small door to squeeze in meshes via obj or 3ds. or something like that… :wink:
this pointcache-modifier mentioned in another thread looks promising, but yet i think fbx-import would be important. i know a few people working with max who would like to integrate blender into their production pipeline, but that would only be possible with a decent import-export solution. i think everybody trying to make a living with blender would benefit from that, because it would be easier for us to get into existing production-pipelines without having to leave our favorite tool :slight_smile:
but well, i think the devs are aware of that, and there are other, more important things to do. like for example 2.5:yes:


So is exporting an FBX file to Cinema 4D from Blender with bone-based animation feasible, then? Would that work?

*EDIT: It does work, actually, and pretty well, too.

Well, kind of. As an addendum to my last message I’ll add that that test was conducted with an extremely simple scene consisting of a box controlled by an armature, but when I use a more complicated mesh with a more complicated armature and animation, the scene comes into Cinema 4D as a complete mess (well, any of the parts that were to be animated, anyway).