Export to DEM file?

Dear all,

Hope I’m not asking a stupid question. I’m new to DEM (Digital Elevation Model) files. I want to use Blender to create a virtual landscape and export it to some kinds of DEM format, such that other DEM reading programs can import it and treat it as a “real” area (like those downloadable DEM files from satellite images).

I searched the forum by “DEM export” and “digial elevation model export” but most threads are about importing DEM files in Blender. There seems to be a program called Blend2Ter, but it seems that it’s no longer in development and cannot work with current version of Blender and Terragen.


go to usa gis for dem of usa

Thanks for the suggestion.

Actually, I want to export the virtual area that I create in Blender to a file in DEM format. I will then import this file to other DEM reading program, pretending that it is a “real” landscape located somewhere on the earth.

Is there anyway to do this? I know of program that can create a mesh from DEM file. However, up to now I couldn’t find one that can create a DEM file from a mesh, e.g., in Blender.

Thanks a lot.