export to .dif (Blockland)

heya, my friend wants to make a map for Blockland

he’s done some research, and the filetype is .dif

how can he export from a .blend to a .dif file?

btw, Blockland uses the Torque engine, if it’s any help


come on plz wont someone help :-?

sheesh! :o

You’re really asking in the wrong place. You should head over to GarageGames.

.dif is a CSG / BSP type format, and Blender isn’t designed for that sort of style.

Having said that, there IS a way to do it. Follow this link, but just be wary that its not the normal way to create a .dif file, so don’t expect a very streamlined approach.


phew I was getting a bit worried :o, thank you heaps, I really appreciate it :wink: